RecycleOne FAQ’s

Bliss Environmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to aiding with the ease of recycling. Its our earth, lets take care of it. To help you with commonly asked questions we have supplied you with RecycleOne’s™ FAQ’s. For any further questions feel free to contact us!


RecycleOne™ FAQ

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How To Dispose Of Sharps

Items That Should Not Be Placed in Your Recycling Bin
Do not set out with your recyclables! Place used needles, syringes and lancets in a puncture-proof plastic container like a laundry detergent bottle with a top. When full, tape lid/top shut, label as “sharps” and place in the garbage.

* Can be recycled at our Household Hazardous […]

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Recycle One And Done

How does Recycleone™  One and Done work?
All recyclable items can now be mixed together in one bin for collection! It can’t get any simpler!

All recyclable items—paper, plastic, metal, and glass—need to be mixed together loosely in one container.
Recyclables must be placed in your designated* recycling bin or a durable plastic or metal lidded container of your choice, […]

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