Madison County Recycling Guidelines For Paper, Plastic, and Glass


All Boxboard such as:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Food boxes
  • Gift & Tissue boxes
  • Paper towel/toilet rolls
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Pizza boxes


  • All newspapers and inserts
  • Junk mail &  envelopes
  • Magazines & catalogs.
  • Telephone books
  • Non-metallic greeting cards & wrapping paper
  • Paper bags
  • Plastic etail bags

The following are not recyclable:

  • Soiled or wet paper
  • Carbon or wax paper
  • Folders with metal parts
  • Tissue paper
  • Plastic over-wrap
  • Milk or juice cartons
  • Wax-coated corrugated
  • Frozen food, refrigerated or microwave product boxes
  • Styrofoam products
  • Soda & beer cartons & carriers
  • Packaging with plastic or foil coatings or liners

How To Recycle

  • All items need to be clean and dry
  • Remove all plastic liners
  • Flatten and make into bundles
  • Material may be placed together in a clear plastic bag or loose in recycling bin
  • Set out next to or on top of recycling bin, if one is used
  • Protect from the rain
  • Do not tie with tape or wire


Accepted Textiles

  • All clean, dry clothing No: Rugs or carpets
Not Accepted Textiles

  • Plastic or rubber items
  • Moist, wet, oily, torn or stained materials
  • Small fabric scraps
  • Shoes or sneakers
  • Blankets, sheets or sleeping bags
Textile Protocol

  • Buttons and zippers are okay
  • Place Textiles in sealed clear plastic bag.
  • Set out next to or on top of recycling bin, if one is used

Glass: Green, Amber, & Clear

Yes: Food and beverage containers
Yes: Deposit Bottles
No: Window or auto glass
No: Light bulbs
No: Ceramic or crystal
No: Mirrors

Glass: Plastic: Bottles, Jugs, Jars, & Plastic Bags

Yes: Deposit Bottles
Yes: Milk and water jugs
Yes: Soap and detergent bottles
Yes: Any plastic bottles, jugs, stackable tubs, or jars with recycling symbols #’s 1-7
No: Plastic toys or pails
No: Bottles that contained motor oil or other hazardous products go in the trash.

Metal Cans & Aluminum

Yes: Food & beverage containers
Yes: Deposit cans
Yes: Aluminum foil, plates & trays
Yes: Empty aerosol cans
No: Hazardous products
No: Pots, pans or other misc, scrap metal items. These should be placed in the scrap metal container at the transfer station

Madison County offers a number of specialized recycling programs for the convenience of its residents.

Madison County continues to be a leader in solid waste management in New York State, thanks to you: the good citizens of Madison County.
The following items are accepted at county transfer stations in the Towns of Cazenovia, Hamilton and Sullivan, and at the County Landfill in the Town of Lincoln except where indicated.

➢ Antifreeze*
➢ Cell Phones – no charge
➢ Clear plastic bags, – no charge
➢ Computer Monitors & Televisions
➢ Cooking Oil – no charge
➢ Household batteries
➢ Ink Jet Cartridges – no charge
➢ Propane tanks*
➢ Refrigeration units *
➢ Scrap metal – no charge
➢ Used motor oil
➢ Vehicle tires
➢ White Goods (washers, stoves, water heaters,etc.) – no charge
➢ Yard waste** (grass clippings, leaves, branches) – no charge

*Only accepted at the county landfill site
**As part of this successful program, residents are welcome to take composted materials free of charge from the three county transfer stations and the landfill (when available)


➢ A few of the items listed are not handled routinely by some trash haulers. If in doubt, call your hauler.
➢ Some items may require disposal fee. The fee schedule is listed on the back of the solidwaste disposal punch card.
➢ The Cazenovia, Hamilton and Sullivan transfer stations have receptacles provided by the Salvation Army for small items which, although being discarded can be re-used.

Special Program
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