Bliss Environmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to aiding with the ease of recycling. Its our earth, lets take care of it. To help you with commonly asked questions we have supplied you with RecycleOne’s™ FAQ’s. For any further questions feel free to contact us!
YES. Residents may set out as many recycling containers as necessary for collection.
NO. Styrofoam was removed from the Authority’s recycling program in the year 2000. There is lack of a market for that type of plastic, therefore it will not be recyclable under the RecycleOne program either. Styrofoam items should be placed with your garbage/trash. However, large volumes of Styrofoam can be delivered to Meyda Tiffany Lighting at 55 Oriskany Blvd. in Yorkville where the Styrofoam will be reused.
NO. Recyclables cannot be bundled and tied with string or twine. The material must be placed loose into your recycling container. If your cardboard does not fit into your recycling container, you can flatten the pieces and place them next to or underneath your recycling container. You can also cut your cardboard into smaller pieces so that it will fit into your recycling container. Cardboard should be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.
YES. You must follow usage directions so the entire product is dispensed. Spray nozzles do not need to be removed. If the aerosol can has a plastic lid you should remove it. Do not recycle aerosol cans that have contained paint, starter fluid, pesticides, or other hazardous wastes. Place them in the garbage.
YES. Hard cover books are now recycled in our system. Local book exchanges, libraries, nursing homes, Salvation Army Thrift Stores and the Kirkland Arts Center will take books for reuse and recycling. Hard cover books must be delivered to the Authority’s Residential Convenience Station on Leland Ave. in Utica for recycling. Hard cover books are not allowed to be recycled at the curbside.
YES. Major appliances or white goods (stoves, washers, dryers and hot water heaters) are accepted for recycling at our facilities in Rome and Utica at no charge. You may also deliver them to local scrap yards for recycling. Appliances containing CFCs (freon), such as refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers are also accepted for recycling at our facilities at $10.00 per item.
YES. Any personal or confidential papers should be destroyed before recycling. You may tear or shred personal papers before recycling the material. However, you must place this shredded material in a clear plastic bag. The Authority can offer businesses limited confidentiality during the recycling process. Once material is delivered to the Recycling Center it is baled and shipped to pulp and paper mills for recycling.
NO. Please do not place plastic grocery bags with your recyclable material. We are presently not recycling plastic film such as plastic bags. This material should be reused or taken to local grocery or drug stores that provide film plastic recycling. Do not place bags of plastic bags with your recyclables.
NO. The only recyclable material that should be bagged is shredded paper.
NO. Place all prescription medicine bottles directly in the garbage.
RecycleOne™ FAQ